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Publishing Alternatives to LifeWay’s CrossBooks

Author: jrothra Publishing Alternatives to LifeWay’s CrossBooks #CrossBooks #selfpublishing #ChristianPublishing My father, Keith Rothra, recently received word that LifeWay’s self-publishing service, CrossBooks, is closing its doors. This is quite disappointing considering his book was supposed to be released next month. That, however, will not happen, at least not with CrossBooks

24 Things No One Tells You About Book Publishing

Author: bluesyemre 24 Things No One Tells You About Book Publishing 1. When it comes to fellow writers, don’t buy into the narcissism of small differences. In all their neurotic, competitive, smart, funny glory, other writers are your friends. 2. Unless you’re Stephen King, or you’re standing inside your own publishing

More Thoughts on Digital Book Publishing

Author: diginsider More Thoughts on Digital Book PublishingSometimes—but not often enough—I attend a conference that really gets me thinking. That’s what happened earlier this month when I attended Digital Book World in Manhattan. In session after session, the elephant remained in the room. Fundamentally, books are physical objects, sometimes treasured, certainly