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Make $150,000 From Your Book Before It’s Written 0

Make $150,000 From Your Book Before It’s Written

By John Eggen The moment you decide to write a book you can begin to leverage that fact to attract new clients and revenue. All you need to start is a good working title. The methods to do it cost little or nothing, and take only minutes or seconds to use....
Authors / Experts Turn Your Book or Content Into Products, Coaching & Speeches 0

Authors / Experts Turn Your Book or Content Into Products, Coaching & Speeches

Are you under-selling yourself and your message? If you’re like most authors and experts I know, you’re shortchanging yourself and your audience. If you’re a non-fiction author and the only way you’ve made your information available is in a $20 book, you’re limiting not only your income but also how people can benefit...

The Stepsister’s Tale by Tracy Barrett

Author: books-and-ashes A different kind of retelling for Cinderella; The Stepsister’s Tale by Tracy Barrett! The Stepsister’s Tale Tracy Barrett Published: 1st January, 2014Harlequin Teen Genre: Retelling Age: Young Adult From: Harlequin Teen giveaway Summary: What really happened after the clock struck midnight? Jane Montjoy is tired of being

Doing Lunch

Author: bethdazzled So, I was going to write an epic post about my first ever agent-editor-author lunch from my trip to NYC and talk about how delicious the celebratory desserts—salted caramel sundae w/candied peanuts & popcorn, zucchini cake w/cream cheese frosting & candied limes, and chocolate cake w/frozen concord grapes,...

Indies Unlimited Resource Pages

Author: yourevilmastermind Indies Unlimited Resource Pages Here at Indies Unlimited, we are constantly trying to identify the needs of authors at all levels of the publishing spectrum. In an effort to provide useful information in a sea of internet data, we’ve recently introduced some Author Resource Pages. Some of our new...

A Roundup of Advice on Writing, By Writers, For Writers

Author: openbooksorg On September 19th, 2013, the 12 authors from our Summer Publishing Academy shared a few words of wisdom about writing at their Book Launch at the Open Books store. Watch the short video here – you might be surprised to hear what these young novelists have to say

Getting Unstuck as an Author

Author: shannonathompson Getting Unstuck as an Author Shannon, here, for one announcement: I’ve joined Pinterest as well. You can join me by clicking here. I have boards for The Timely Death Trilogy, November Snow, and Take Me Tomorrow – as well as boards for cats, coffee, and my crazy imagination. There...

What Literary Agents Want To See When They Google You

Author: ludicamarina What Literary Agents Want To See When They Google You If you’re an emerging writer and you’re not following Chuck Sambuchino’s blog, Guide To Literary Agents, you should start. Chuck asked a bunch of agents how they use Google, and what they’re looking for when they do. Here are their responses:...

To all the writing perfectionists …

Author: phelas To all the writing perfectionists … I’m following on from my previous post, Why I Write, and promise this will be one minute and fifty-four seconds well spent. The YouTube clip I’m recommending is titled – Ira Glass on the Creative Process. I know there’s a plethora of wonderful writing...

My Writing Process – Blog Tour

Author: mcsimonwrites My Writing Process – Blog Tour MY WRITING PROCESS – BLOG TOUR – When I received the invitation from M.A. ADLER to join the My Writing Process – Blog Tour, I was very happy. A blog tour in which we can present and meet new authors and writers

Get Hired to Write Today: Your 60-Minute Strategy

Author: angelabooth1 Get Hired to Write Today: Your 60-Minute Strategy You want to get hired to write. It’s a real challenge. But what if it were easy? It can be. I’ve been publishing my writing journal for a few weeks now, and I’ve received many plaintive “how do I get HIRED”

The Halifax Media Co-op Needs Canadian Writers – Pays $125/story

Author: writingcareer The Halifax Media Co-op has announced the editors are currently seeking more topical stories from the viewpoint of underrepresented or socially-excluded communities in the province of Nova Scotia; this includes people with disabilities, naturalized citizens and expatriates, working-class workers, Black communities, First Nations communities, LGBTQ individuals, and those...
0’s eNewsletter for Writers and Poets

Author: writingcareer Yesterday evening I posted a new issue of‘s eNewsletter for Writers and Poets. It contains links to new articles we have published at our site, a handful of new writing and poetry contests, writer’s guidelines of magazines that pay writers for articles, and several special editorial announcements....

Land an Agent, Get a Book Deal

Here’s how most writers get published: by landing an agent then getting a book deal with a publisher. This video walks you through the whole process in about…
Let’s Get Visible: How To Get Noticed And Sell More Books 0

Let’s Get Visible: How To Get Noticed And Sell More Books

Author: inforockstar Let’s Get Visible: How To Get Noticed And Sell More BooksLet’s Get Visible By Dave Gaughran A stellar piece from author Dave Gaughran on writing and publishing. This book, titled Let’s Get Visible: How To get Noticed And Sell More Books (Book 2), is for authors who are suffering