October is my month. It

October is my month.

It marks the turn of the season. Not the official tick on the calendar but when my eyes can observe the changes. The air becomes cool and crisp, leaves spiral from near barren trees, which are elegant in nothing but their skeletons. All I can smell is dirt and rain and leaves. All I can see are reds, oranges, and yellows, blinding colors set against a canvas of brown.

October is simultaneously the beginning and the end. It’s the time we swap our shorts in for thick leggings and warm sweaters. We replace iced drinks with piping hot tea, coffee, or cocoa. We prepare ourselves for the end of summer and the beginning of Autumn, the inevitable precursor to Winter.

Frankly, I’ve always loved Autumn and Winter. Better to freeze than burn, as I always say. Of course, I mean it’s better to be cold and warm myself up with layers than to be so hot that even nakedness can’t spare me.

**awkward silence**

This year, my excitement is through the roof because I’m not just celebrating the season. Autumn is not just about tree leaves or hot cocoa. It’s about experience and I’ve packed October with all the bookish moments I’ve been craving to share with you. 

On that note, let’s ‘fall’ into it, shall we?

[Bookishly Reviewed Tea Time]: Because I loved the samples sent to me, I subscribed to Plum Deluxe’s monthly tea club. This month, I’ll be reviewing my October teas and sharing the experience with you. It’s an exciting time because I take my own photographs of the tea with my fancy camera and I film my thoughts on the teas sent for my BookTube channel. It’s an art, really, and I love it. #Plumdeluxetea

[FAIRYLOOT UNBOXING]: I’m doing my best not to squeal and dance around with glee. Just so you know, I’m failing miserably, and that’s because this is my FIRST unboxing ever. Normally, I don’t do book subscription boxes but I wanted to treat myself this month because earned it. For those of you unaware of Fairyloot, it’s a book subscription box from the U.K that mails a book a month with a few items made specially for the theme of the book. I bought #Fairyloot this month to review!

[UNICORN CRATE UNBOXING]: At this point, I’m bouncing off the walls. Like I said, I worked hard to justify buying a box or two to review. This second box is The Unicorn Crate. This is a book subscription box that features at least one unicorn item. I’m not big on Unicorns but they had a SPECIAL EDITION box featuring an author I enjoyed, so I couldn’t possibly stop myself. This month I’ll be reviewing the Unicorn Crate and sharing all my rainbow goodies with you.

[OCTOBER BOOK REVIEWS]: Alexander Hamilton, How to Start a Fire & Why, The Elephant Vanishes, Three Graves Full, and White Fur are just a few of the titles I’ll be reviewing this month. 

[NANOWRIMO ANNOUNCEMENTS]: If you haven’t heard, I decided full-time freelance work and twenty credits of college classes wasn’t enough. Because I feel like challenging myself further, I’m doing NaNoWriMo in November. 50,000 words in 30 days…..I can totally do that, right? #Nanowrimo2017 is my pre-new years challenge!

[WINTER GIVEAWAY]: Who needs Santa Claus when you have Ravenous for Reads? This December, we’re hosting a Winter giveaway. Every June, I do a giveaway of $100. I’m not sure what the Winter giveaway will be but it’s worth sticking around to find out!




Famished for literary excitement? Ravenous for Reads is bursting with October inspiration!

October is my month. It marks the turn of the season. Not the official tick on the calendar but when my eyes can observe the changes.

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