Calling all book reviewers!

Hello there, I am a self-published author and I am seeking HONEST book reviews of my books. I am not trying to buy or bribe reviews, I want to know what real readers think of my books!

Whether you are a website, tumblr, youtube, twitter or Amazon reviewer, I am interested in receiving your reviews!

All I ask is that you post your reviews onto Amazon for me. 

Of course, this isn’t a deal breaker for me and if you are totally against this for some reason, then I would be happy for my book to still be featured on your blog. I am only requesting that you put your review on Amazon for me because the more reviews I get, the more possible sales I will get but also, Amazon will move me up in the ranks of their suggestions of books. 

I write horror and romance. I don’t do sexy romance, only sweet (clean) romance.I prefer story and emotion over heat. (Not that there’s anything wrong with heat-it’s just not my style.) I like to write in the time period of the 60s-70s and the 1940s, although my books are not exclusively in those time periods.

The two that I am most interested in receiving reviews on at the moment are, “The Summer the Stars and Moons Shined Forever,” which will be FREE from April 9th-April13th on Amazon. This one was recently reviewed by The Hopewell Newspaper in Hopewell Virginia.

And the other is “Alley” which will be FREE from May 1st – May 5th.

However, if one of my other books calls to you, I will be glad to provide you with a free download or print edition to read. 

Reply to this if you are interested. 

If not, at least give “The Summer the Stars and Moon Shined Forever” and “Alley” a download while they are free!

Everyone loves free books!

Link for “The Summer the Stars and Moon Shined Forever:”

Link for “Alley”

Link to my other books:

Please give this a reblog if you think anyone that follows you may be interested!

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