A New Research Tool to Help Everyone Explore Scholarly Books

idea of a product that, at a glance, can point scholars to the exact
point in a book that is relevant to their research may sound like
science fiction, but that’s how the scholarly database JSTOR is pitching
a recently released research tool.“The tool, called Topicgraph,
is part of a JSTOR project to take the digital scholarly monograph from
a PDF to something more useful for researchers. The organization on
Monday published the final version of a white paper
outlining 13 ideas on how to do so, ranging from the convenient – such
as giving readers more navigational tools within digital books – to
the complicated, like removing restrictions on how readers use and reuse

“Books just have not made the same digital transition in the way that
journals have,” Laura Brown, managing director of JSTOR, said in an
interview. “We’ve been on a mission to see if we can help unlock that

Inside Higher Ed, June 13, 2017:
“New Vision for the Monograph: Scholarly database JSTOR explores – through a white paper and
prototypes – how to redesign the scholarly monograph for digital
reading,” by Carl Straumsheim

JSTOR Labs White Paper, June 12, 2017: Reimagining the Digital Monograph: Design Thinking to Build New Tools for Researchers ( 54 pages, PDF)

University of Michigan Press Blog, December 20, 2016: Open Access eBooks on JSTOR, Courtesy of Knowledge Unlatched,” byCharles Watkinson, University of Michigan Press,                     

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