CW Commissions (and shenanigans)

Hello! I’m opening commissions for those interested (not going to lie, I just looked at my siblings’ wishlist for Christmas and I could do with the extra cash!). I offer a couple of different services, some of them exclusive to tumblr, so there’s a lot of options!

1) Commissioned writing (Written for you, you have the rights to display, but my name stays on it.)

Donate what you can – For the person like me, strapped for cash, but an avid reader! Donate a dollar, two, whatever you can afford and send me an ask telling me that you donated plus a link to a prompt or one of your own devising! It’ll be short, sweet, and of your choosing!

10 USD – A 800-1,200 word prompt fill of your choosing. It could be fanfiction or it could just have a singular theme like love, betrayal, hope, etc.

$15/hr – This is for those of you who would like to see longer prompt fills! On average, I write around 1,000 words per hour in this category. If you’d like a 5,000 word story, the commission price would be $75 usd!

2) Ghost writing- This is the more expensive category since, essentially, you are buying all the writes to the work produced. This means you can make specific requests (up to and including actual plot outlines), ask me to change elements of the story you don’t like, and put your name on the byline! I have two types of commissions for this category as outlined below:

.06 cents/word- I charge .06 per word. This is good for people who know how long they’d like the piece to be and would like to have more control over the editing process. This is on the lower side of industry standard, so it’s not flexible, unfortunately.

$20/hour – For ghostwriting, I charge $20 per hour because I’m selling you my time as well as the rights to the piece. I reliably get out 800 words/hour in this category so this is good for people who want longer works (800 words at .06 would be $48). Any edits you’d like would be extra time billed, however, so this is especially good for people who feel they’d have minor edits if any at all!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to message me on tumblr if you have any questions!

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