Laurel’s Recommended Reading

This is a list of various resources, both books and online, that I personally have used in my path and I recommend to all new witches! Although this is recommended for new, or baby witches, I’m sure any witch can learn from these!



Christopher Penczak’s Temple of Witchcraft – This is one of the first books I picked up as a young witch and I highly recommend them. There are quite a few things in the series that I don’t quite agree with now that I am older and more experienced, however the series (there are 6 books total) covers a wide variety of topics, as well as includes hands-on exercises.

A Wiccan Bible by A.J Drew – Another book from my early witchling days. This author uses both science and mythology to explore paganism and religion. This book taught me to appreciate the various religions of the world, as well as the basics of Witchcraft. This book actually inspires you to think about spirituality, rather than just to blindly follow.

The Goodly Spellbook by Lady Passion and Diuvei – A fantastic spell book! While a large chunk of the book is actually spells, the first section is a sort of a textbook that explains the different aspects of witchcraft, such as spell writing and correspondences.

Pagan Astrology by Raven Kaldera – A great book on astrology. It breaks down the meaning of the planets and the signs. Not really a “beginner” book, but it is a fantastic read!

Shadow Magick Compendium by Raven Digitalis – A great book that explores the darker side of magick. It’s not quite all shadow work, but it explores divination, darker animal guides and familiars, working with the dark moon, poisonous herbs and more. If you are drawn to the darker side of witchcraft, this is the book I would recommend!

Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedias – Specifically the one for Herbs, Crystals and Incense, Oils and Brews. While the books lean heavily towards Wicca, the encyclopedia books are an amazing resource for looking up herbs and crystals. His “Incense, Oils and Brews” book is a fantastic resource for making your own oils and powders. It includes recipes and instructions.

Llewellyn’s Book of Correspondences – A hefty book that cross references a ton of correspondences. While not a complete book by any means, it is filled with information. Especially great for spell writing.


Witchipedia – An amazing online Book of Shadows. It’s an amazing and easy resource for all witches. They have correspondences, spells and crafts all in one place.


Samantha Valens – I have been following Sami for years. Most of her videos were lost due to her account being hacked years ago, but she has an amazing library! Most of her videos are about darker aspects of magick, however she is a very “do you” kind of witch, and she is amazing to listen to! I highly recommend her!

Molly Roberts (HerSpeak) – An incredibly bubbly witchy woman! Her videos are always inspiring and uplifting! She talks about a wide variety of topics, and her smile will always brighten your day!

CharmingPixieFlora – While she is now known as Flora Sage and she has a whole new channel, she was kind enough to leave up all her original witchcraft videos. These were my favorite videos as a witchling. She not only talks about witchy topics, but she also has recipe videos and diy how-to videos. The link here takes you to a playlist of all her videos.

This is an on going list that I will add to it over time.

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