A Series of Unfortunate Rejection Slips

“Somebody obviously
told you at some point in your development that you have talent. That person,
unfortunately, was wrong.”

“There is great
writing. There is good writing. And then there is your writing.”

Subject-verb-predicate. Subject-verb-predicate. Need I say more?”

“It has always been one of
my great pleasures in my role as a literary agent to discover new and exciting
voices. Alas, yours is not one of them.”

permitting, I would suggest investing in an industrial-grade paper shredder.”

“As I read your
synopsis, I was possessed by sudden gag reflex that forced me to avail myself
of the nearest restroom. Coincidence?”

“You’ve heard it
said that some people have a face only a mother could love? The same goes for
novel manuscripts. Your mother is still with us, I presume?”

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