Publicist Kima Jones on Marketing & Diversity in Publishing (NPR Code Switch)

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from Diversity In Book Publishing Isn’t Just About Writers — Marketing Matters, Too by Jean Ho – NPR’s CodeSwitch / photo from

“With black writers and other minorities, the history of publishing has been unreceptive,” Fugate says. “I think it’s important we have stores and spaces like Eso Won. If you go to most other independents, they will have a section of African-American books. But a whole bookstore filled with books on African-Americans? That’s something that people should see.”

“Books are not going to stop anytime soon,” publicist Kima Jones says. “Racism says that black writers and writers of color can’t write the ‘great American novel.’ This conversation is decades old; people need to see that black literature is not anthropology. This is art making. And to say it’s anything other than that is lessening the integrity of the art.”

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Author: blacqurl

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