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Photo Credit: Deathtostockphoto

Photo Credit: Deathtostockphoto

Are you under-selling yourself and your message?

If you’re like most authors and experts I know, you’re shortchanging yourself and your audience.

If you’re a non-fiction author and the only way you’ve made your information available is in a $20 book, you’re limiting not only your income but also how people can benefit from your message.

You might be surprised how many of the people who buy your $20 book might also purchase a $200 audio product, a $1,000 retreat, or a $5,000 coaching program – all based on the material in your book – simply because everyone learns differently.

If your book isn’t out yet, it may make sense to do these higher-priced offerings first, because they’re typically much faster to create and because, in my experience, it’s easy to turn a profit.

Want to figure out how to find the money in your book or message?

Join my respected colleague, Steve Harrison, this Wednesday, for a free telephone seminar in which he’ll show how to make more from your content while helping a lot more people.

Register for the teleseminar now.

Here are just some of the strategies and techniques you’ll discover on Wednesday’s information-packed call:

  • 5 proven ways to find the money in your message.
  • How to turn your existing book into a lucrative big ticket program 
and what to do if you don’t yet have a book.
  • 4 specific case histories of author/experts who weren’t famous, 
yet prospered by turning their passion into a program.
  • How to decide the ideal price you should charge (most people 
don’t charge enough).
  • Feeling overwhelmed? How to determine what you should do next.
  • How to determine which you should do first – your book or 
a big ticket program.

Save Your Seat Now (It’s free!)

NOTE: If there is a replay it will ONLY be sent to those registered. So if this is for you then please sign up.

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