Tips On How To Write A Book Proposal, Find An Agent, and Get A Book Deal — If you are a current author looking to find an agent and get a book deal, or if you are simply wanting to know how to write a book and become a successful author, you need quality book proposal. In this video, Danielle LaPorte and Linda Sivertsen talk about what a proper book proposal can do for you and how it can transform your business as a writer or author.

When you click the website you will discover how to get more information on:

  • Techniques to capture the content that is your life. Because your book has already been written — in your client work, blog posts, email chains + cafe conversations. We’ll show you how to spin your “undiscovered work” into gold.
  • Strategies for building your platform as your create your product.
  • Empowering lessons for rolling with rejection, hearing your muse, and gathering testimonials.
  • A pro’s + cons drill-down of traditional vs. self-publishing options — with been-there insights from both sides. Timely, no?
  • 10 (Sexy + Thrilling) Ways To Finish The Damn Book—because writer’s block isn’t in our vocabulary, and the finish line is closer than you think.
  • 8+ hours of audio + video interviews with agents and high-profile authors, including:
    • Arielle Ford, former publicity powerhouse behind Deepak Chopra and author of The Soulmate Secret
    • prize-winning fiction writer Sarah Selecky
    • serial entrepreneur + publishing renegade Jonathan Fields
    • one-woman publishing empire Lou Paget

Danielle and Linda also will help you with The Proposal, The Pitch, The Plan, The Power. Sequential and step-by-step instructions (plus hot snapshots from actual proposals that sold) to break down the art of creating a winning book proposal into simple science and doable steps. From your query letter to your chapter summaries, from your author bio to your appendices, we take the mystery (and anxiety) out of each + every section.

The course has 8 parts:

  1. The Horizon
  2. The Book Proposal
  3. Creativity
  4. Visibility
  5. The Workbook
  6. Audio interviews with a dozen authors who have mastered their craft, carved their own paths, topped bestseller lists, defied traditional publishing logic, and released highly informative, heart-stirring, entertaining + evocative titles into the world.
  7. Resources
  8. Outro

If you have any questions after you click the link at the top of the description then you may reach us through e-mail or Twitter via the contact information on the page.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you get the information you need to write a book, secure a book deal, and get your book published so that you can become a successful author.

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